Monday, 27 February 2017

Preparing for GRE

There are a few things you need to remember in preparing yourself to achieve a high score on this test. You need to improve your vocabulary and GRE tests your awareness on a wide range of vocabulary which is not normally not used in a day to day conversation. So you need at least 6 months preparation on word list. You must use flash cards to remember the meaning of these words.

Also one must brush up the basic concepts of maths that you have read in 10th standard basic numbers, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, probability, ven diagrams,vectors, parabolas etc,

Analytical writing ability is a another area that poses challenge to several students especially the engineering students  who are weak in English.You need to put in  ore time here understanding how to write an argument: to do this you must understand the structure of an argument and then how to break the argument into and then take it.Analysis of an issue is the second part of the question : to do well you need to understand the difference between an argument and an issue and then learn how to meaningfully analyse an issue at hand. You must have a critical bent of mind combined  with your ability to express your thoughts in good sentence structures that are error free apart from displaying your ability to use a range of vocabulary.This  is a separate section and has a good weight age on your verbal score

Practice Practice and Practice.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

PTE , IELTS a challenge

It is very simple. Many students I find a re weak in writing skills and listening skills. Without exception  many lack speaking skills. What students forget when they take these exams is that they tend to treat these exams like any other academic exams which they have taken over the years. These exams test you abilities and skills.
Once you decide to give these exams you need to read articles on various subjects. Listen to BBC news and documentaries, You must also write essays on various topics.
 Remember that if you keep doing all of these whatever be the level of your English you will score well

The trainers can only help improve what you have and they ca never create what you don't have .

I am proud to be an uranpro teacher

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Monday, 13 February 2017

IELTS/PTE/TOEFL Myths and Realities

The market for training candidates for these tests are flooded with trainers. It is sad to note that many candidates do not understand the reality that these tests are trying to test the skills which is acquired by a candidate over a period of time.Apart from this some inexperienced unprofessional trainers also do promote their services by quoting low prices and many students fall a prey to this. It is only after giving the test and getting the scores these students realize the fact that the training has failed to add any value.

Candidates who undergo these training should understand that only a good and experienced trainer combined with hard work and dedication by the candidate can bring in good results. having said that the students should practice a lot to harness their skills and work systematically and march towards their target.

I am trying to create an awareness among candidates on this and having more than 30 years of experience in higher education and training with my years of education with a host of qualification across disciplines has enabled me to bring in the rich experience to assist the students in overcoming some of the challenges that they may face in taking this test.